VC S/A Mag Articles

Creative direction
and design

In 2020, Editora Abril's board (brazilian publisher) set to Você S/A's new design team the challenge to redesign the magazine's graphic project. In use for more than a decade, the previous design project had a lot of photography, employed a stiff grid, and didn’t have many resources to distinguish stories and sections from each other. Maintaining the monthly releases, the new design project was published in November 2020.

Beyond that, it was necessary to modernize and readjust the brand's visual communication to this new moment as a whole, including the digital presence. In addition to approaching personal finances and career development, the magazine now starts to address the financial market and investments as well. The result is a publication and a brand which are now more competitive and more aligned with market's expectations.

Those are some of the articles I did directing numerous illustrators and photographers.