Juliana Krauss

graphic designer
and art director

- art direction for photography
- infographics
- editorial design
- graphic design

Currently works with editorial design for brazilian magazines
as a creative director. 

︎ krauxss@gmail.com

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About ︎︎︎

My name is
Juliana Krauss. 

But everybody calls me Kraux.

Photo: Eduardo Dulla  ︎

Hey, there :)

During my undergraduate design studies at Mackenzie Presbiterian University in São Paulo, Brazil, I discovered a passion for working with graphic design – mostly editorial, packaging and visual identities areas.  Through that time, I started working as an intern at Editora Abril, the biggest Brazilian magazine publisher. There, I built my career and became Creative Director of two monthly magazines: Superinteressante and VC S/A.

I was able to develop my skills both in the online and print products of those two brands by working in social media projects, print issues, websites, branded content projects and others.  I also had the pleasure to have my work recognized by the Bornancini Awards in 2020, the Brazil Design Awards in 2021 and SPD59 Award in 2024.

Before Abril, I worked in different departments (such as Marketing or Communications) of several companies, like Sesc (Serviço Social do Comércio), a philanthropic institution that promotes culture and sports in Brazil and is very highly regarded for its work with print design.

During my free time, you can find me cuddling with my dog Déco, watching crime series, creating Spotify playlists for fictional parties or reading about feminism and free software.

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